Sunday, June 24, 2012

It's here!  It's here!  Finally, Bard's Beer has arrived within driving distance. 

I first discovered Bard's GF Beer last summer in Nashville.  My brother in law, Kevin and I were amazed at the selection of GF beers at this mega beer store.  Well worth the 2 mile walk in 90 degree temps.  

We brought home several GF beers to taste.  Overwelmingly, we both agreed Bard's was the best. 

Fast forward a year and it has finally made it's way to the area.  Andersons General Stores, Corks in Rossford and Zeilers in Temperance all carry this beer.  In Michigan you have to go north of Monroe County to Stanley's** in Flat Rock where you will pay $5 more a six pack than in Ohio.  

Pleasantly pleased that I have a nice cold Bard's Beer chilling in my refrigerator just in time to go out and grill some brats.

**Make sure you check the sell by date on the bottles at Stanleys. 

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  1. Stanley's has outdated beer and it is $11.99 a pack. Check out the bottling date.